With all our dogs you'll get a history
and science lesson.  You just have to
look up their names!
We decided to take in Gus in May of 2008 after seeing his picture on a bulletin board at the pet store.  He had been described
as a Basset Hound that had been saved from the Kerrville Shelter's euthanasia list.  So far he has fit right in with the zoo, as if
he's been here his whole life!  He had a
pilomatricoma removed in the first month he was here so we will be keeping a close
watch on all future lumps and bumps to be on the safe side.
Update 2/27/09!  
We took Gus to the vet this week because he just wasn't himself lately and we had blood work done.  He has a low thyroid so
he's on medication for that now, we caught it really early.  We also had another lump that has gotten bigger looked at and
biopsied, it turned out to be a
follicular nevus so we are going to be watching what is left of the lump to make sure it doesn't start
growing again.  Because of this and the thyroid issue our vet is thinking he might be a little older than we first thought, but we
don't care, he's ours!!