January 2007 - March 31, 2011
With all our dogs you'll get a history
and science lesson.  You just have to
look up their names!
Tesla was a Great Dane / Labrador mix as far as we could tell.  She came to us at 6 weeks old in March of 2007.  She had been
an unstoppable force since joining our house.  She was forever happy and thought of herself as a little lap dog.  In June of 2010
she was finally diagnosed with
partial and partial complex seizures after having an episode in front of the vet.  She was put on
medication and improved greatly over the next few months eventually gaining back most of her weight.  One morning she
stopped using her back right leg, our vet believed it to be a torn ACL but within 48 hours she was unable to use either back leg
properly and had edema starting in both legs.  She was horribly frustrated with the lack of control over her legs and we thought
it kindest to let her go.